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Identifying the Not So Average Joe

While hired for creative and quirky commercials, we were given the opportunity to collaborate and explore Sour Punches’ core consumer. In doing so, we re-wrote their company tagline to “Embrace Your Punch”. We wanted a tagline that highlighted how even an “average joe” is more than just “average”. This strategy played into their external image and their internal brand in how they treating their employees.


Mini Golf

It’s My Birthday

Best in Show

Boy Band

Millenial Yoga

Social Good Campaign

Real Story with Real Kids

One of the central themes at the heart of “Embrace Your Punch” campaign is self love; embracing all of the things that make people uniquely themselves and celebrating those qualities fiercely. In partnership with Sour Punch and our local Boys & Girls Clubs, we set out to find the real stories of real kids who embrace their punch every day. There’s a level of uncertainty with any unscripted video; you never know what you’re going to walk away with. We were absolutely blown away by the honest responses from this brave group of young people. Together, we transferred those moving stories to the canvas, creating a hand painted art installation for Sour Punch headquarters. The mural that serves as a constant reminder of Sour Punch’s core values and the importance of embracing the uniqueness that lies in all of us.