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Unifying an entire city block.

Total Transformation

In order to unify the properties, we completely rebranded what once was The Downtown Chicago Sales Group into the River North Hotel Collection and highlighted the best parts of the hotels and neighborhood communities.

Brand Identity

The River North Hotel Collection logo is made up of the letterform — “n,” divided by a north facing arrow, creating a lowercase “r” within the “n”. The mark is grounded with a solid foundation and enclosed within a circle that represents River North’s location in the city.

A Neighborhood Elevated

River North Hotel Collection consists of 6 hotels, 6 restaurants, and a 5,000 sq. ft. meeting space scattered over 12 city blocks in competitive downtown Chicago.

To effectively unite these entities we created a strong, cohesive branding easily recognizable from all locations.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Just as Mr. Rodgers would’ve wanted…we recognized the power of community. We ignited a brand equipped to inspire and influence local art/culture of a neighborhood united.


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