Moxy Chicago + We Create Media banner

From awkward to audacious

Friends with Benefits

Moxy kind of turned into one of those “hey, u up?” late night texting relationship. And we strove to be that dependable crush that always responded, “yeah, what’s up boo?”

With a mutual love for quirkiness…we may have even made it to 1st base…but who’s to say?

We don’t kiss and tell.

What do WeCreate + Moxy have in common?
We both bring the party.

Behind the Creative

Moxy wanted a mural on the 6-story naked concrete to distract and give guests something to admire. We felt a conceptual art installation would be more effective.

Through Moxy’s playful branding we stylized, staged, and sexified the “peeping tom” feeling of gazing across the courtyard into another room.

What better way to avoid the uncomfortable than by embracing it?

The Finale

The once questionable room experience has transformed into the most requested rooms throughout the hotel. The mural activation has become an experience worth reserving and is now positioned as an up-sell.

6-Story Mural

Catching attention
across the globe

Our sweet love affair didn’t end there. We continued downstairs to the main lobby where we branded a one of a kind Moxy DJ booth and bar.

These brand evolutions and initiatives were initially outside the Moxy comfort-zone, but after receiving the Hotel Opening of the Year, Distinctive Select Brands (Marriott International) in 2018, Moxy Chicago is now the example hotel for future Moxy hotels.

A Zombie-Sized Bite

We helped concept, brand, and capture Moxy’s first to-die-for 247 taco bar. Located in the lobby of Moxy with a walk-up window (allowing even non-guests to enjoy these delicious tacos), Zombie Taco has since proved to be such a success that Zombie Taco’s have opened in Dallas and Louisville.

The first ever Moxy podcast booth

A Moxy branded bar

Social media asset creation


Pre-Opening, organic animations garnered 2,200+ videos + likes


We helped create over 6,000 pieces of collateral