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A legend in the making…

Drawing inspiration from the founders of storied Explorer’s Clubs, we carefully refined Burgerhaus’ original concept. Their menu items weren’t merely ‘well-travelled’ tastes; they were the result of exploration. Following our creation of a semi-fictional adventurer and founder, ‘J.E. Burghstein,’ we wrote what would become, not only a memorable tagline, but the epitome of Burgerhaus’ culture:

The Finest In The Known World.

Building a brand that feels good from top bun to bottom bun.

Branding the Burgerhaus “Go, Club”

WeCreate searches for unconventional creative and it feels like they can make any impossible task possible. Working with them, you can tell they really love what they do.

- Burgerhaus Co-Owner, Mayor Jon Costas

The only way to ensure your brand truly comes to life is through your employees.

Culture Deck

Creating a culture deck is one of the most valuable investments in creating a scaleable brand. It’s the asset that allows each branch to maintain cohesion through educated and excited brand ambassadors…the employees.

We created the Burgerhaus Culture Deck in order to recruit, hire, and sustain great talent within each restaurant.

Employee Uniforms

Just as their fictional mascot, J.W. Burghstein, was a man of fashion, we gave great detail in establishing the brand through uniforms and brand swag.

Interior Design

When we dive into a brand, we take pride and responsibility in every detail of bringing the vision to life. In the case of Burgerhaus, we strategically molded the brand story into an interior design guideline for each branch.

Our team aided in the interior design of the Indianapolis and Schererville locations.

Brand location expansions

  • Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Schererville, Indiana
  • Carmel, Indiana

Giving Back

Giving Back

Full Belly, Full Heart Campaign

The heart of Burgerhaus was bigger than the plates in front of them. They approached us with the mission to launch a social entrepreneur program in which every burger resulted in a meal for a child in a third world country.

In partnership with Kids Alive International, our team traveled to Kenya to photograph the impacts of the efforts being set forward.

Through branding this campaign and creating compelling collateral, we provided Burgerhaus a platform that helped excel their initiates forward.

Burgerhaus & Kids Alive International have provided 710,611+ meals to those in need.