Started as an intern, now he’s here. For the last 7 years Logan has been a professional cinematographer and creative, helping brands tell their stories through a new and innovative lens. A Valparaiso native and founding member of the WeCreate family, Logan brings a unique and original perspective to every project. His years behind the camera have taken him all over the country producing compelling, cinematic stories for our clients.

A founding member of the WeCreate family, Logan is the (self appointed) “Keeper of the Culture”, and drives the fun and close knit spirit of the office through decident team breakfasts, 3PM “Pick-Me-Ups”, and the company’s music and arts night +Sessions.

When he’s not in the office you can find Logan exploring new cities and making memories with friends. A movie, music and pop culture enthusiast, Logan is the ideal Trivia Night partner. Master in the kitchen and a gentleman in the green room, Logan loves anything where he’s making something new. Logan is unmatched in conversation (just ask anyone who sits near him at the office). Pop into the office and have a chat with him yourself.

Fun Facts

  • Theatre Nerd
  • Recovering Altoid Addict
  • Amateur Photographer

Playlist of Choice

Wanna people watch with Logan?