Over his career, Eli has lead projects for some of the world’s most iconic brands (Hilton, Barton G, Natrol, American Airlines, Miller Brewing Company, Kmart, Jeep, Domino’s Pizza, and Verizon Wireless). His specialty is in developing cohesive brand strategy and creative for the hospitality and health/wellness industries, consumer packaged goods, events and immersive consumer experiences.

In a time when cameras were film and pagers were cool, Eli attended Indiana Wesleyan for Photography and Graphic Arts Technology. Directly out of college, his first “gig” was designing pizza flyers. By the end of that same year, he was hired by GlobalHue and charged with directing the global food footage for Domino’s Pizza. What we like to call a graduation from Pizza Boy…to Pizza Man!

By the next year, he was overseeing all youth marketing and point-of-sale for Verizon Wireless while shooting the multi-cultural portion of the award winning ”Can You Hear Me Now” campaign. In 2004, he was the youngest Associate Creative Director in GlobalHue history.

After this era, Eli moved to Miami as the Senior Event Designer at Barton G designing multimillion dollar events for the US Open, MGM, Honda, The Steelers and even elite events at the Versace mansion. In 2006, he moved to Hawaii, fell in love, surfed a little, won a few awards, and shot the first and only independent Burger King commercial.

Back on the mainland, Eli made a lateral move into CPG Marketing (essentially this time in his career gave us at WeCreate the advantage of having an undercover spy on the advertising side of things). During his time as Creative Director at Natrol, he re-branded the company and 400 products, while launching a new brands like Angry Birds Vitamins, Cognium & WellBelly.

History Lesson: What Lead Eli to WeCreate

To this day, Eli swears that Jeremy was his greatest competition in college. As legend has it, they continually challenged each other to reach deeper into their respective creative fields. And as if they were the only two students in the program, they quickly found healthy competition spark between their friendship. Post-college and in the corporate field, Eli always found moments to re-connect with his college mate when he needed a vision he could trust. For the last 20 years, they’ve working together for various projects with Verizon Wireless, Cadillac, GlobalHue, Prolab, and Natrol.

When it was time for Eli to evolve from Natrol, it only made sense these two creative muses finally joined forces. Now, Eli is a proud member of WeCreate ownership and (believe us) the friendly competition for the “best creative” lives on.

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