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Our Stomping Grounds

No matter where you find us, you’ll find a team hard at work, treating every moment like we’ve got something to prove.

As a boutique agency, we pride ourselves on having a multidisciplinary, flexible, and collaborative team. We are always thinking expansively, taking aim at accomplishing your big picture goals through the creation of an informed strategy and thoughtful imagery that works with your brand’s marketing strategy.

Our Roots

Our team at WeCreate is a true melting pot of American diversity, powered by a Midwestern heart. We come from all across the country with vastly different backgrounds, but each of us was drawn to Valparaiso because it feels like home.

We Create searches for unconventional creative and it feels like they can make any impossible task possible. Working with them, you can tell they really love what they do.” - Former Valparaiso Mayor Jon Costas

We embody the values instilled in us by our community, constantly improving our skillsets and finding unique ways to conquer difficult challenges for our clients.

Our New Office

The COVID-19 pandemic threw everyone in almost every industry for a loop, but our team discovered we work just as well remotely as we did in the office… So much so that we decided to make the change permanent!

Our group quickly evolved from collaborating in-person to attacking brand new problems digitally, where we approach each challenge with our entire team before breaking off into what we like to call Microteams. Every problem is broken into smaller chunks, allowing our experts inside each Microteam to develop robust solutions that fit perfectly into the greater puzzle that is your brand.

We have a dedicated studio – and a complete studio team – where we capture gorgeous photo and video content while performing the remainder of our duties from our home offices. When our clients require on-site content or anything else we need to capture away from the studio, we create a safe environment for everyone involved.

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