A Brand Built in 24-Hours: NWI Strong

March 29, 2020
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It Takes a Village to Raise a Village

WeCreate Media isn’t just a part of the community because we all happen to work here – our team is made up of a cross-section of what makes Northwest Indiana a truly incredible place to call home.

However we got here, whatever the reasoning or journey, we call Northwest Indiana home. When the uncertainty and challenges surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic reached the Region, we knew we couldn’t sit around and watch it hurt our neighbors.

We are a creative group, a team that thrives on solving the most challenging of problems for our partners.

Our community had a problem, and we wanted to find a solution we could bring to life. Just 24-hours after posing the question, #NWIStrong was born.

A Pandemic’s Effect on Businesses

Writing this in late March 2020, it might be an understatement to say things are a little crazy right now. Over the last month, we’ve gone from wondering if the Region would be impacted by COVID-19 to a full-blown, state-wide lockdown. Schools are closed, restaurants are to-go only, and the local police are out in full force trying to ensure people are taking this seriously.

As we interacted (from a safe distance) with friends and family, one common refrain could be heard:

We need information.

The Meeting (virtual, of course)

The situation is (or was, if you’re lucky enough to be reading this from the future) bad for everyone in the Region, including us.

Our team got together and posed the question:

What do we do?

Most organizations in the area have a website and social channels set up, but few are prepared for online-only business. Likewise, many locals follow their go-to favorites, but now need updates on questions like when or how at-risk people can safely visit and purchase what they need.

We quickly came to the conclusion the community needed a place to come together digitally.

We knew we needed to quickly and efficiently create a single place where businesses and citizens could go to get answers of all kinds – who is open, what kind of safety from spreading the coronavirus are they offering, and, most importantly, how can the community support itself right now.

The Job

From concept to creation, our team got #NWIStrong turned around in less than 24-hours.

We can get into the nitty-gritty details of our process over in our Work section, but the most important takeaway from the process was easily our ability to delegate specifics and all focus on what makes us individually strong. Our design team came up with graphics, our tech team built out the website, and our writers got to work telling the story.

In the end, #NWIStrong quickly became – internally and externally – a reflection of the strengths of all of us. Each of us at WeCreate, in local government, medical professionals, business owners, and everyone everywhere else across the Region are all strong and lend our strengths to a strong community.

We are proudly #NWIStrong because the Region made us this way.

Visit #NWIStrong or dive deeper into this 24-hour brand.

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