His first memory was as a nameless, stray, desert pup scooped up by two dads from the pound in Palm Springs, CA. When he arrived at his new home, he didn’t move or make a peep for the first two weeks. To be ironic, he was named “Thunder” in an effort to make up for his lack of enthusiasm. Turns out, he had parvo & kennel cough and once nursed back to life, he actually lived up to his Thunderous Wondrous McGanal name we know and love today.

His first full-time job was as a greeter for Solid Fitness. Later, he forayed into a marketing pup and began perfecting his creative mental-block therapy techniques. Full of wanderlust, Thunder has lived in Palm Springs, Portland, Denver, San Francisco and now resides in Dune Acres where he truly (unironically) enjoys long walks on the beach.

Thunder has found his true calling here at WeCreate. Wandering from lap to lap with his patented ninja-style “How Did He Get Here?!” technique, he spreads relaxation and inspiration equally across the team.

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