Michael is a prolific writer. If he were to write his own obituary, it would say he lived life like he wrote: Elegantly disruptive with a touch of mystery and humor. For WeCreate, Michael provides a wealth of knowledge though myriad styles of copywriting, high-level analytic review and reporting, and, of course, digital marketing.

While receiving a degree in American History at IUPUI, Michael worked a half dozen jobs at any given time, rotating through countless unpaid “internship” projects that nearly all revolved around marketing, writing, and sales. His college blog, Student on Sports, covering IUPUI and other “Mid Major” sports, was the foundation for IUPUI’s revival of a student newspaper, and its success opened the door for Michael to start writing more frequently at events like the NCAA Basketball Tournament, Indy500, and more.

After a major career highlight, working alongside the New England Patriots PR + Marketing team 20 hours a day during Super Bowl XLVI in 2012, he decided to turn his attention to a full-time career in marketing.

Over the last decade, Michael has worked as a freelancer, as a manager doing in-house inbound and outbound marketing for multiple organizations, and has spent a good deal of time working for WeCreate. He is an entrepreneur at heart, owning and operating multiple businesses including an extremely successful tattoo shop in Valparaiso, and has a keen sense for both the semantic details and the proverbial Big Picture. Michael and his wife are expecting a baby girl in early September, and before the COVID-19 pandemic, they spent nearly every weekend traveling around the country devouring every type of cuisine they could find.

“I love copywriting because there are seemingly infinite ways to provide the same information and every single different way evokes a specific response from each reader. There’s so much intention to it; it’s like cooking. Can you make food that provides you with the necessary nutrients? Sure, but that doesn’t mean a meal is inherently delicious or cohesive. And you can make delicious stuff, but it doesn’t mean what you present looks nice. The most successful chefs take the same basic ingredients anyone can get and they turn them into something beautiful, nutritious, delicious, and that tells a specific story.”

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