After the first week of having Carley on our team she was immediately deemed the nickname “Clutch”. She’s our utility player with a knack for managing our production team, creating spreadsheets, finding typos in long paragraphs, and quickly adapting our team to clients’ needs. She’s motivated everyday to seek efficiency and creative problem solves her way through projects resulting in effective results.

Carley’s background has always been focused in the arts and education. She was, and is still, very passionate in teaching and children, and was exploring a degree in French Education before our paths collided. Before ever having knowledge of WeCreate, she swore off ever joining the marking industry because she felt is was all about “selling things to people who didn’t need them”. After becoming intwined with our team, she quickly learned that we demanded the exact opposite. That even for the smallest of projects, we challenged our team and our clients to create meaningful impacts that not only elevated the client’s business, but the consumer’s experience. Here, she found her niche and new passion.

As a Chesterton High School alumni, she’s a proud, life-long resident of Northwest Indiana. She’s highly competitive and takes any opportunity to “re-live” her Speech and Debate days through the work she does at WeCreate (from creative writing to creating presentations). After-hours, the “mom hustle” is her biggest side hustle and finds her two children her muse. Once on a soul-searching meditation, she found her spirit animal was nothing other than a gigantic lion she could ride through the forest.

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