Everybody Loves Butter

In fact, there was a line to adopt her at the Humane Society of the Desert in Palm Springs. But her soon-to-be little big brother, Thunder had already sniffed her out.

Her name is inspiried by her squishy face. Roll her over on her back, and her cheeks melt like butter – much in the same way you heart melts when you meet her. Butter was a strange little pup; she never barked, never made a mess, and would hide from loud noises. Her protective nature quickly earned her the unofficial title of “fun police” always making sure everyone was ok and not playing too rough. Her brother helped teach her to let loose.

At WeCreate, she greets everyone who enters with a muffled wolf and usually presents them with gifts. She attends every meeting and checks on the staff regularly. She believes that excellent office culture requires all paws on deck.

Butter loves to travel with her brother and two dads and has resided in Palm Springs, Portland, Denver, San Francisco and now resides in Dune Acres, where she enjoys quality time with her stick and long swims in Lake Michigan.

Song of Choice

Meet this sweetheart.