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January 1, 2020
WeCreate's New Look | +We Create Media banner

It’s Still Us, We Just Got a Face Lift

It’s like walking into your old elementary school after a couple of decades, right? You came to your favorite creative agency’s website and, well, it still looks like the same stuff but it’s different now… isn’t it?


But…we still create all of our work with the same attention and intention. But back in 2019, we took some time to assess our place in the world. We came to the conclusion it was time to focus our efforts on our first true love – travel. But when we compared our look to the work we had done for the industry, we just didn’t feel it told the story we wanted.

You Can Say Anything…It’s All in How You Say It

So like we’ve done for dozens and dozens of clients for almost a decade, WeCreate did a full brand overhaul for ourselves. As always, our inspiration came from a slew of places, though more than ever our ideas sprung from work we have delivered in the past.

For example, Brush Creek Ranch is one of Conde Nast’s top resorts in America, taking home the top honor five times in the last decade, and one of our favorite clients to work with. After assisting with the launch of multiple new properties at the Ranch, we developed an intimate understanding of subtle language and simple branding juxtaposed with stunning imagery.

Looking to showcase our skills over our wit, we started to shine a tactful light on what we were writing for ourselves. The new WeCreate voice is a reflection of that tactfulness, adding notes of a more grown-up tone that retains notes of slightly-restrained fun.

Beefin’ It Up

Branding is an ongoing conversation, and our goal is to always have something important to say. A simple, no-frills logo was ambiguous enough for our previous needs but like our old voice, it just wasn’t us anymore. Luckily the beef enthusiasts at Burgerhaus are old friends of WeCreate.

Wait, let’s explain that one a little better…

Their burgers were world-renowned, but their branding fell short of telling their full story. Seen by thousands of visitors to their emerging empire every year, we challenged ourselves to create a detailed rebrand while maintaining the integrity of their intentions.

What followed was a mash-up that would make Run DMC and Aerosmith jealous – you know, if they stopped for a burger in Northwest Indiana. The branding is simple but specific. It tells exactly the story Burgerhaus needed to convey, connecting voracious burger junkies with a local staple every day.

We may not get to spend time in the kitchen as often as we’d like, but our design team took cues from the success found in this specific simplicity to apply inwardly. Amping up the old plus-sign of years past, we included some more flair and movement to the new “WC” design.

Behind the Marking

The plus-sign logo isn’t just ‘our thing’ but instead offers a tremendous insight into how we do business. Not only do we create here at WeCreate, but we create with you.

The success or failure of anything we carefully craft rides on its ability to fit with your story. If we exclude you from any part of the tale, it’s no longer your story but one that is forced and unruly.

We hate that idea, and as such…

WeCreate + Your Brand = Our Way of Doing Things. Always.

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