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Copywriter Opportunity

You Are:

In love with words and kinda get a kick out of correcting someone’s grammar.

It’s not out of malice, you just really can’t stop yourself from correcting people’s use of the oxford comma. Your motivation is purely from your deep love for perfection and the English language. In fact, you’re probably reading this looking for grammatic red flags.

We Are:

Creative writing chameleons.

We’re an agency of many different brands. Our clients’ brands are sometimes so contrasting we switch the music up in the office to get in the right mood. We write and create content for different audiences all day long and require an ability to appropriately switch tone and voice when writing for specific needs.

We Need:

A modern-day Shakespeare.

  • You’re flexible in tone and approach.
  • You’re able to communicate high-end hospitality brands one project and fun, quirky brands the next.
  • You have an acute attention to detail.
  • You’re a collaborator and a keen listener.

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